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Production environment

Thanks to the most modern production environment, Geku Plastik is able to fulfil many customer requests.

We regularly invest in the latest Reheat blow moulding machines, automation and control equipment. We are thus able to continuously improve our production processes.

We also regularly check our high-quality raw materials (preforms) in order to achieve what has been agreed with the customers during the production processes.


Production machines

Geku Plastik handles customer orders from a few pallets (self-collection) to a full truckload (freight-free delivery).

In order to satisfy our customers as much as possible, we have a selection of machines that gives us several options in production.

We have machines for the production of both large and small quantities.
This makes us very flexible in the production process.


Production materialien

Geku Plastik mainly works with standard preforms for bottle production.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a plastic with advantages in production and consumption:

  • it is unbreakable
  • it has good barrier properties
  • it is shiny, clear and transparent
  • a whole range of colours can be realised
  • it is 100% recyclable.

We also have the option of producing our bottles from 100% PET.
Feel free to talk to us about the options.

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